A 44-year-old Grand Rapids man who suffers from severe mental disorders has not been seen or heard from since July 2020 before possibly heading to Chicago.

A Grand Rapids man with severe mental disorders and substance abuse issues has not been seen or heard from since July. His wife said she last had contact with him in July of 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and that he may have traveled to Chicago, Illinois after last being seen. Despite a host of issues, 44-year-old John Bailey always checked on his wife regularly. The two had lived separately for some time.

John's wife says that he had been living in his truck since May 2020 and would regularly shower at truck stops. She is worried about his well-being and believes that he might have been the victim of a serious crime due to money owed related to his substance abuse issues.

On July 15, John rented a 2020 Camry from Avis Car Rental in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That was the last time his wife heard from him. She was unaware that he had rented the vehicle. On July 16, John's wife said she received a notification that someone in the Chicago area was trying to access one of her accounts. The rented vehicle was due back on July 18. She believes that John brought the rented vehicle to a chop shop in Chicago to pay off his debts and that he may have then become the victim of foul play. John and the car have not been seen since.

John is described as a male, standing 5 feet and 11 inches tall, weighing approximately 135 pounds, having brown eyes and hair. John suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He has substance abuse issues. He has metal rods in his back and visible large scars on his lower back. John has 4 tattoos including a faded black dragon on his upper right arm (see photo below) and a cross with a black widow on his left calf. John also used the alias "Sam".

Courtesy of the wife of John Bailey

Anyone with information on John Bailey's whereabouts or disappearance is asked to contact Grand Rapids Police Detective Snyder at 616-456-3400. Reference Case ID 20-060352.

Courtesy of the wife of John Bailey
Courtesy of the wife of John Bailey
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