This story is the reason why you should lock all of your doors, even if you are in what you consider to be a safe neighborhood.

‘I just felt like killing,’ is the bizarre and frightening quote from a Grand Rapids man after he was taken into custody last week.  A 21-year-old homeless man was going door to door looking for a unlocked door in the Walnut Grove Apartments on Sheffield Street SW.

WOOD-TV8 reports that at about 3 am on Thursday, February 7th, the homeless man entered into the apartment of a mother and her 12-year-old son, Yariel Suarez.  The man attacked 12-year-old Yariel with a kitchen knife and stabbed him 10 times in the head and face.

The mother woke to the screams of Yariel, and rushed to see that attacker was gone and her son was injured.  She rushed him to the hospital where he was released a few days later.

Hours later the police arrested the man who is set to stand trial on February 18th.  After being arrested the man said that he "just felt like killing".

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