This will go viral. BAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by Ricardo Rivera on Friday, August 21, 2020

Sick burn, Steffen!

In discussing the recent earthquake on the east side of the state, Wood TV 8 meteorologist Bill Steffen got in a zinger about the Detroit Lions.

Friday evening a 3.2 magnitude earthquake was reported near Detroit Beach in Monroe County. Unusual for the area, vibrations may have been felt up to 20 miles away in Toledo, according to the United States Geological Survey.

So how does Michigan's NFL team tie into this?

Well, Bill Steffen is talking about how unusual the event is and says:

This is one of the most stable places on earth. In fact, in Michigan we don't get tsunamis, we don't get volcanoes, we don't get bad earthquakes... In many years the biggest disaster we have in the state is the Detroit Lions, but that's another story.



I mean, he's not wrong...

Between the jokes, sweet "man cave", and sassy superstar cats, Bill Steffen really is a West Michigan treasure.

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