Most everyone loves their own city and wants to brag about it. When it comes to food cities, that bragging can turn into a borderline civil war within the state lines.

So, a group of seasoned writers, experts, editors, critics, and perhaps a few hobos were gathered together to pick the greatest food city each state has to offer.

The Thrillist chose us over Detroit, mainly because we're ironically more urban than they are. Go figure.

Anyway, they had some nice things to say about us.

Detroit is great, but its overall food scene is more the sum of its metro area (Ferndale, Hamtramck, Dearborn… not Taylor), so that seems a bit of a stretch when naming the best proper food city. And while we've been singing the praises of Traverse City for some time now, that seems a bit disingenuous, considering its size. Grand Rapids, though, has been making a huge mark on the Mitten, standing tall as both the state's best beer city and it's finest place to dine. That’s all thanks to pan-Polish/German/Latin cuisine at the farm-fresh UN of eating that is Grove, the Euro-flecked beer-obsessed offerings at Green WellStella’s Lounge’s chart-topping burger (washed down by a massive whiskey list), duck-confit nachos at the gorgeous Brewery

Vivant, nostalgia-inducing hot dogs at Yesterdog, the hearty, hangover-busting bills at brunch kings Noco Provisions and Butcher’s Union, and so, so much more. The whole "being a beautiful city" thing is icing on the cake. Oh shit, that reminds us: get a cake at Cakabakery.



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