Travel and Leisure recently named Grand Rapids one of the most underrated cities in America, which is kind of weird.  I only say it's kind of weird because we've seemed to be in the news for 3 years straight in regards to how great our city is.  Don't get me wrong, I love that a light is being shined on Grand Rapids once again.  This is a great city and more people should know about it!

The Travel and Leisure article ranked Grand Rapids #5 in their top 20 underrated cities.  Detroit even made an appearance on the list at #17.  Which, good for Detroit, they need all the good press they can get.

A few other cities that I've personally always thought were cool, but were considered to be underrated are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee.  I love all those cities, so not quite sure why they are considered underrated...

Travel and Leisure also posted these other interesting lists of American cities:

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