In March it was announced that Grand Rapids would be getting an NBA Development League basketball team to be affiliated with the Detroit Pistons.

The franchise originally came from Springfield, Massachusetts and was named the Springfield Armor, but clearly the team needs a new name to reflect its new home!

The to-be-named franchise asked the public to come up with names for their new basketball team. There were over 4,000 entries and today the team released the final four candidates:

  • Grand Rapids Drive
  • Grand Rapids Chairmen
  • Grand Rapids Horsepower
  • Grand Rapids Blue Racers


What do you think about the new names?

I’m not really a fan of any of them, but I doubt I could come up with anything better!

Voting on the new team name will be open until 6 p.m. on May 10 at the team's website.

The winner and team logo will be announced shortly after at a launch party for the team.

The new D-league team will play their games at the DeltaPlex in Walker and will be one of 18 NBA D-League teams competing for the 2014-15 season.

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