Kids calling 911 on an old cell phone is nothing new

Cute boy sitting in a restaurant watching a video on a cell phone.

but have you ever heard of a kid dialing 911 with an old Apple Watch?

Stephen Lam/Getty Images
Stephen Lam/Getty Images
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That scenario happened to former Wood TV 8 reporter and anchor Leon Hendrix and his wife.

Credit: Leon Hendrix via Facebook
Credit: Leon Hendrix via Facebook

Leon shared a video with an explanation of what happened.

People loved the video and shared similar stories

Ryan T was very supportive saying: I feel like I shouldn't have laughed at this because karma will get me but ooooohhhh man. Being a parent is a WILD RIDE!

Tracy M said: You win the internet today!!! Thank you for this!!

A police dispatcher working at console

Dan D said: As a 911 operator, I can tell you this happens all the time. We don’t mind talking to kids, it’s better than a real crisis. Parent on!

Getty Images/ Cavan Images
Getty Images/ Cavan Images

Patty S said: Oh Leon, an educational moment here for you. You took me back 23 years with this story. My 7 yr old did the same thing. He called 911 and reported a fire. Then I had a 7 ft tall Kent Co. Deputy standing at my door at 5am. My son was pretending he was asleep when he realized "Uh Oh", they don't play around. But the best part of this whole experience was when I made my son come out of his room to speak with the Deputy and he (the Deputy) got down on his knees and spoke with my son face to face at his own level. He didn't want to scare him, just to educate him on the importance of knowing when to use 911. Trust me in 25 years you'll remember this and laugh and you have video. God Bless.

Emily A said: Love the lullaby version of OutKast!

There’s also a lullaby version of Beastie Boys out too!

Cassie L said: They both listened and communicated so well!! Great parenting, I’d say!

Kim D said: I'm in the crib I can't walk Bye Bye and there both waving Great lil clip for his Graduation Video. Kids do the darndest things it happens to the Best of Us!

Aminah Y said: That's hilarious at least they know who to call for emergencies. Most kids call granny

happy kid girl eating ice cream and showing thumb up

Kathy M said: So adorable! back in the days of house phones my 5 year old called 911 because I wouldn't come in from the garden to give her ice cream. My friend the local police officer came to tell me. It was funny not funny! She never did it again!

Geraldine D said: I loved that they both waved good bye to the dispatcher

Nereida M said: Here is Proof that we don’t give kids enough credit! Don’t judge me but this has now become one of my favorite videos!

Odin W said: One of my kids called 911 when they were 5... For help beating a level in Plants vs. Zombies....Lesson Learned!

Mondo R said: Not to self. Get rid of the old  Apple Watch

The dispatcher who talked to Leon's kids sent him this message


Credit: Leon Hendrix via Facebook
Credit: Leon Hendrix via Facebook

Jen C said: This dispatcher deserves a raise!

Brian O said: So sweet of her. Your kids are adorable.

Teaching kids when and how to use 911

Kids Health has lots of great information for parents trying to teach a child about how and when to properly use 911.

Leon, thanks for being real and sharing this hilarious video with West Michigan.


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