The 2020 Census is approaching and any day now you will receive your invitation to be counted in the mail.

According to WZZM, we are about a month away from the 2020 Census and city is gearing up for the population count.

Grand Rapids development center manager, Lou Canfield says the city has 7 census ambassadors set up to help educate people on dates and answer questions in the survey.

When you get your Census letter, you will be able to answer the question online or by phone. Census ambassador Reouhidi Ndjerareou said, "our job is to say acknowledge your fear. Let us answer those questions and let us tell you why the 2020 is so important and the role you have in this whole process."

The census is important to get an accurate count of people living in the area because this is how the government decides how many tax dollars get distributed to each state and city.

Canfield said, "there is a lot of federal money that flows into Grand Rapids based on the census count and according to our calculations roughly $18,000 per person counted over a decade flows into the city. And, it is not just to the City of Grand Rapids. It is to a lot of our partner organizations, things like neighborhood associations and health clinics, schools. All those service providers that matter to people's quality of life."

If you are looking for a job, the city is in need of census workers. Kent County is looking to review 4,600 applications for census takers, census field supervisors, recruiting assistants, clerks and office operations supervisors. Some of the positions pay around $20 per hour. Must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

The Census for 2020 will start on April 1st...and that's no joke.

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