2018 will certainly leave a legacy for being one of the weirdest winters (if it ever ends). Weeks of sub-zero freezing followed by spring like February days into a spring from hell.

And through it all, the GRPS remained true winter warriors.

After dealing out two school days in 2017, the GRPS held fast and has yet to dish out a snow day so far in 2018. (Although with snow in the forecast tonight, there's still a shot).

The winter has been odd, with only average amounts of snowfall, but coupled with bitter cold at times. GR received 75 inches of snow this winter, the average is 74.9 inches.

Even a faulty heater at Union High School failed to shut the school. GRPS John Helmholdt said space heaters have been brought in and their hoping for it to warm up again before the classroom temps dip below 65.

Helmholdt recently told WZZM-13 News, "We have a very rigorous system we use to evaluate whether the conditions are adequate to have school or to cancel it. If the road conditions are such that we believe it can be safe for students to get to school, to and from, we're going to lean to keep school going."

The most snow days districts are allowed in Michigan is six. They can grant more in emergency situations.

GRPS dealt that many days only once recently, during the famed "polar vortex" winter of 2014 when over 139 inches of snow fell. GRPS closed exactly six times that winter.

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