After almost 12 years in business, a Middle Eastern casual fine-dining restaurant is shutting its doors later this month.

Grand Rapids Business Journal reports that Shiraz Grille will permanently close after Nov. 22 as the owner, Ali Ghebleh, plans to retire.

Shiraz Grille, at 2739 Breton Road SE in Grand Rapids, serves authentic Persian cuisine like kabobs, lamb shank, saffron chicken, hummus, roasted eggplant, and specialty rice dishes.

The owners shared a message on their website:

To our guests, patrons, friends, neighbors, and vendors: It is with a great mix of emotions that we at Shiraz Grille Restaurant are publicly announcing that we will be saying "goodbye" and beginning a new, long-awaited chapter with Ali's retirement. After Sunday, Nov. 22, Shiraz Grille will be closing its doors. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported our small family-owned restaurant, and we hope Shiraz Grille accomplished what every good restaurant should when it's finished: that people were brought together in a beautiful way through our food!


Khoda-Hafez, (Good-bye/God Bless!) Ali & Kim Ghebleh

According to GRBJ, the building will be going up for sale or lease through Colliers International. Anyone interested should contact Jon Geenen or Mark Ansara with Colliers International West Michigan at (616) 774-3500.

Shiraz Grille's decor will also be available to purchase. The owners say they'll hold a sale of the authentic Persian art and collectibles in the restaurant. Pieces will be tagged with prices and available for purchase during their last two weeks in business.

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