You’re probably wondering what a Bitcoin is.

A Bitcoin is a unit of cyber currency that’s gaining popularity among users worldwide.

In a way, Bitcoin is similar to a Paypal transaction. You load money into your Bitcoin account which is then converted into the cyber currency that you can then use for transactions worldwide!

At the moment one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently equal to $491.74 US dollars (USD)- hey, I didn’t say Bitcoins were cheap!

Bitcoin is starting to seep into the mainstream and now here in Grand Rapids you can manage your Bitcoins via ATM.

Skywalk Deli located downtown houses Grand Rapids' very first Bitcoin ATM. One of only two "ATMs of the future" in Michigan.

For now you can only deposit money into the Bitcoin ATM and there's no word on whether or not withdrawals will be possible in the future, but Skywalk Deli also accepts Bitcoins as payment!

I only know of one other place in Grand Rapids that accepts Bitcoin as payment and that's One Stop Coney Shop on Fulton St.

Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?

Bitcoin explained:

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