It was Mr. Green in the conservatory with the candlestick. Wanna play Clue? How about a life-size version without the actual violence? Grand Rapids will become a giant game of Clue. 

Think you have what it takes to catch a killer? CluedUpp is an outdoor detective adventure - and it’s coming to Grand Rapids on Saturday, May 22, 2021. A new "Ripper" is on the lose and 3 men have already been murdered. Can your team of detectives scramble across town, solve the clues and crack the case before The Ripper strikes again? It's a fun exercise of puzzles. You'll also compete in challenges and interview "witnesses". If your team can solve the mystery,  you'll save the town!

Photo by Ali Hajian on Unsplash
Photo by Ali Hajian on Unsplash

Sound like fun? It's a whodunnit of epic proportions! You can assemble your team of two to six players and play. Tickets cost $51 per team. You'll need a smartphone. Prizes are awarded for:

  • Fastest team 
  • Best fancy dress (detective inspired) 
  • Best team picture 
  • Best team name 
  • Best young detective (under 16) 
  • Best K-9 (dogs prize)

On average, the game lasts about two hours. Children 16 and under can play for free, however, CluedUpp says that there may be elements of the story-line that are unsuitable for children, so parental discretion is advised. To register your team and play visit

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