Grand Rapids is such an amazing place.


I know it seems like only bad things are happening in our neighborhoods and communities when we watch the news or check social media.

Hands of homeless with a paper cup

But sometimes something positive catches your eye and you're reminded how kind and caring people really can be. For me, that was a few days ago when I saw a post by Nicole Chipman on a Facebook group called Grand Rapids Informed.

Nicole posted this picture and said "My newest project. PM me for drop off location."

📷 Nicole Chipman FB
📷 Nicole Chipman FB

People in the group were so happy to see what Nicole was doing

Jowana B saidOmg I love this! This is the SWEETEST thing!!! God Bless You

Caralyn P said: Perfect! My kids have collected a few for just such a reason! I will pm you!

Dwin D said: I have some warm items that I would like to gift. It’s bitter cold outside!

Jordan Ashley said: GR needs more angels like you. How about blankets?? I do have some of those I could drop off!

Nadine A said: Awesome idea! Would love to see this happen on all sides of town. There are so many in need.

April Moayyer said: You’re a good egg

📷 Nicole Chipman FB
📷 Nicole Chipman FB

I also thought what Nicole was doing was so sweet and kind so I reached out to her to find out a little bit more about what she was doing and why.


What is the name of your project?
An acquaintance started a group for us online called Warm Hearts on Facebook

What inspired you to do it?

I started because I felt bad for a homeless guy that was freezing near my workplace

Who are you trying to help?

I'm trying to help people who are cold and hungry. Our country depresses me when it comes to helping the homeless or hungry

How’s it going so far?

It's been going great! Everyone is so happy to receive a helping hand. It's such a rewarding feeling. I've been collecting donations all winter and handing them out from my Jeep.

How can people help and get involved?

People can get involved by following me on Facebook or keeping an eye on Grand Rapids Informed. I private message for drop-offs.

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