You've been sent the deck and your boss wants to discuss the metrics. She's looking for a better ROI. So, you start building a consensus for best practices. You're an early adopter and have a 360-degree view of the landscape. You have to move the needle as you're focusing on the critical area but before your next bio break, you JUMP OUT OF A PLANE!


Frank will take the lead on this. Frank LaPenna. He's a filmographer from Grand Rapids and he's making zoom calls disruptive. He's multi-tasking. He's not risk-averse.


LaPenna, a 2020 graduate from Grand Valley State University, is making an array of videos all while on Zoom calls. He can't help if he gets a ping when he already has plans.

LaPenna has several years of freelance experience working for an array of corporations and private clients and he's having some fun too. In one video, he tried to out perform a Grand Rapids Police Department speedometer.

Most recently, LaPenna has been concentrating on mission critical which is making video conference calls with a green screen.


LaPenna went to a Baltimore Ravens Football Game during a zoom call and USA Today noticed. So did The Ravens who tweeted about him.

LaPenna has been zooming while scuba diving, playing basketball, fishing, motorcycle riding, water-sliding and even horse-back riding.

These "meetings" are not one off. We think LaPenna found his sweet spot. Based on the 30 million likes he has received, his enterprise of 1 million followers is not far off. This guy is a thought leader, results-driven and next generation. Your take away...Like & Follow him. 

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