If this doesn't tug at your heart a bit, I don't know what will, because this just shows that prayers can be answered in many ways, and this answer came in the form of a Grand Valley State University football player.

Our news partner, WZZM TV13 covered a birthday celebration of a sort, as Laker football tight end, Nick Keizer, celebrated his birthday by doing something utterly selfless -- donating stem cells to a man in Denmark.

Nick's story go back a year, when he and many of his teammates swabbed their cheeks at a Michigan Blood registry drive in March 2016.

Keizer didn't give it too much thought, however, because being a bone marrow match is quite rare -- about a 1 in 500 chance.

But, wait a minute. Michigan Blood was notified in December that Keizer and the Denmark man were potential matches. So Keizer had to undergo more blood work and in February, was deemed a perfect match for a 59-year-old man in Denmark who suffered from a bone marrow disease.

Keizer's non-surgical donation took about four hours, and his stem cells were then sent by a volunteer courier who flew to Denmark on May 2, Keizer's birthday.

Happy Birthday to Nick, and God Bless the man in Denmark. We wish a long and healthful life for him.

Now, go out and catch some touchdowns for the Lakers, Nick!

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