So every once in awhile our Facebook page gets a great post from one of our friends with a question or a comment about WFGR. Over the weekend, Melanie Shebel posted a link to her blog about Michigan Accents and Michigander Slang. And I read it. And not only is it dead on, it's pretty funny too!

Melanie goes on to explain she's got a little more Chicagoian in her than Michigander, but her mom had more Michigander in her.

"Growing up really close to Chicago, I have a sort of hybrid accent, a bit more on the Chicago side of pronunciation. I can't say it's fully Chicagoan, though, because I get caught 'Michiganizing' words. My mother, however, has a stronger Michigan accent, which is different than mine (sometimes we'll poke fun at how she sounds a bit like Michael Moore.)"

So here's Melanie's Blog on accents and slang. See if you agree.
"The Michigan Accent & Michiganders' Slang Words"