It was nice to see MSU get a much needed win in the Pinstripe Bowl over Wake Forest 27-21. MSU Running Back Elijah Collins missed becoming the first MSU Running back since 2014 to get a thousand 12 yards. Still a great season for him.

The game between LSU and Oklahoma was a blowout. The Heisman Winning QB for LSU Joe Burrow threw for 7 touchdowns by halftime.

The Ohio State vs. Clemson game looked like it was going to be a blowout but then the Buckeyes left too many points out on the field. Clemson came back and won one of the hardest fought football games I have ever seen played 29-23.

Then, the Lions lead Green Bay 17-3 with just over 3 minutes to play and lose 23-20. By losing they actually win. They will likely have the 3rd pick in the NFL Draft. A pick they are sure to fumble. No one expected them to win even with that lead.

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