Griffin Gill 'the giveaway guy' is channeling his inner Billy Mays and put together an amazing video talking about the beer stein the Griffins are giving away this Saturday night.

Saturday, January 28, 2017 the first 2,500 fans will receive a Griffins beer stein.

griffvision via YouTube

You know, I'm no master of Photoshop or whatever, but I'm not entirely sure that's Griffin Gill's real hair. Not that I'm judging such a glorious mullet.

True story: I drink my morning coffee out of a beer stein. I could use another one. Maybe I should buy some tickets to the game this weekend so I can score a new one.

If I do go to the game, I promise, nay, I swear I will not throw my stein on the ground to see if it's indestructible.

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