A couple of hockey fights involving Grand Rapids Griffins players have been listed in a fan vote as the best hockey fights of the year.

Hockeyfights.com Has Fans Vote On Their Top Fights Of The Season

The site lists every fight in every professional hockey league, and then has the fans vote on who won the fight.

At the conclusion of each season, the top 100 fights are chosen by readers and then posted to the Hockey Fights Facebook page, and with the top 16 fights still to come, two fights involving the Griffins have already made the top 25.

#22 Patrick Curry Was Jumped By The Stars' Jeremy Gregoire

Coming in at number 22 is this April 2, 2022 tussle between Jeremy Gregoire of the Texas Stars and Patrick Curry of the Griffins at Van Andel Arena. In the midst of a late season push to get into the playoffs, the Griffins were a little feisty and it shows.

Jeremy Gregoire of the Texas Stars felt wronged when he was tossed into the penalty box, and took it out on Curry.

Sadly for our beloved Patrick, the fans were unanimous in giving the fight to Gregoire, who kind of jumped Curry after popping out of the penalty box. To his credit, Curry did get some shots in before the refs dragged them both off.

Here's another view of the fight, courtesy of the Griffins stadium announcer Eric Zane, who must have sensed that Gregoire was going after Curry, so he grabbed his phone.

#19 Jonathon Martin Picks A Fight With The Wrong Dude

The Griffins biggest rival in the AHL is the Rockford Ice Hogs. The two teams have bad blood going back years, and it flared up again during the season of Goodwill, Christmas. Jonathon Martin of the Griffins squared off with Dmetry Osipov of the Hogs, again at Van Andel Arena back on December 3, 2021.

Once again, the Griffin got the short end of the fan's stick. Martin received zero votes for having won the fight, but 25% called the fight a draw, while 75% gave it to Osipov.

With 15 more fights yet to be ranked, there's still a chance a WINNING Griffs fisticuffs will make the top fights list, but I wouldn't bet on it. The fact that they got two fights in the top 25 is actually quite an accomplishment, even if we lost both fights.

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