Several kids in West Michigan will have the opportunity to receive a free helmet from the Grand Rapids Griffins as their dedication to always wearing a helmet when riding their bikes.

This generous donation is part of the Griffins' annual Put A Lid On It! program and this is the 17th year the hockey team will be giving back. Normally the event is held at the Grand Rapids Public Library and the Kent District Library, but due to COVID-19 things had to switch up this year. Instead, the events will be held via drive-thru's to reduce contact.

The bike helmet distributions will be held on:

  • Wednesday, July 15 / 10a-12p
  • Tuesday, July 21 / 12p-2p

Both will take place at the Griff's IceHouse at Belknap Park.

Most importantly, you must pre-register before your child can actually receive a helmet.

...which involves measuring their child’s head to determine the correct helmet size...

Pre-register here and then pick a date to get the free helmet. Kids will also receive a t-shirt that represents the pleasure of biking.

200 helmets will be distributed between both days.

PALOI! was founded in 2004 [by the Griffins] with the aim to promote helmet safety and reduce the amount of injuries from not wearing a helmet. It's geared towards elementary and middle school-aged students in West Michigan. Kids 2- to 17-years-old can make a pledge to always wear their helmet and then receive a voucher for two free tickets to a future game and be entered to win a new bike. More info here.

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