A home in Norton Shores has been refurbished to 1975 standards, and you can stay there. But you better like the color 'Avacado'. But it does come with beer.

Miller Beer is behind the 1975 house, which sits right on beautiful Mona Lake.

The master bedroom looks like it's stolen from Greg Brady's attic pad during his 'Johnny Bravo' days, and the living room, while cozy, has a certain polyester flair.

Miller Lite
Miller Lite

Of course, the whole joint is stocked with Miller Beer, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, hence the time travel back to a simpler era. Kind of, I mean, there was inflation, and Manson Family members firing shots at Gerald Ford.

The cost of the Miller Lite Timeshare is $96 a night (three night maximum) for dates between September 10 and September 30. Booking is first, come first served… so be there or be square, and be 21, because they will check your ID (as they did back in 1975).

According to Miller Lite:

  • The carefree crib is located in the Midwest where Miller Lite was born in 1975 (the Timeshare is in Mona Lake, Michigan specifically)

  • The place comes fully stocked with Miller Lite in numerous rooms and a retro mini bar with old school snacks (Funyuns, Ring Pops, Ding Dongs, etc.)

  • Guests can enjoy 70’s slippers, koozies, frisbees, playing cards and rubik’s cubes

  • The timeshare is complete with a bomb avocado-colored kitchen, mod furniture, groovy shag carpets, nifty house plants and funky wood paneling

  • The pad also features a stellar game room with a pinball machine, a functioning old school record player w/ records and throwback ‘70s board games (Twister, anyone?)

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