Just like the criminals they go after, it was only a matter of time before the Grand Rapids Police Department was caught.

On Wednesday, the GRPD posted that they were canceling crime for the day and they used a picture of their police cruiser floating in front of a skyline. But it wasn't the Grand Rapids skyline it actually belongs to Kansas City, MO and they totally got called out for it by the people who live there... even tagging Kansas City Police on Twitter, which of course they responded to.

Good one, KC... real punny.

& kudos to the GRPD for acknowledging what they did and accepting any charges brought against them.

Good looking city KC! Impersonation is the greatest form of flattery. BTW, who would have jurisdiction of this investigation ?...There’s no crime in GR today!

So why exactly did they use a different city's skyline? According to them, it was a "free graphic" on the program they use LOLOL. Can someone tell me why our city's police department doesn't have a picture of our skyline? Also, how didn't any of us catch it?!?! As Grand Rapidians, shame on us.

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