The Grand Rapids Police shared on their Facebook page, probably the cutest new recruit out working his beat along Tamarack and 11th on the west side of Grand Rapids.

His name is Solomon Daniels and he’s decided he wants to help police with speeders in his neighborhood so he put on his uniform, grabbed his whistle and went out to work on slowing down speeders, which according to whoever is narrating the video, is a problem in that area.

My favorite part is that every time he slows down a driver, he then breaks into dance, which is something I’d like to see more officers do.

Could you imagine if you drove by DeVos Place, when the officers are working the crosswalk, and they danced while people were crossing and traffic was stopped?  That would be great!

GRPD asked on the post if they should make him the newest member of the Neighborhood Traffic Squad and that is a definite YES! He already has the uniform!

Thanks, Solomon for being such an active part of the community and helping make a difference.

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