The Grand Rapids Police Department has released video from inside a police cruiser that was taken for a joyride by a 17-year-old girl early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened around 4a.m. on New Year's Day near Leonard Street NW and Walker Avenue NW.

Police were responding to reports of a fight outside a residence.

Several people fled in a white minivan and police followed.

When the van stopped and suspects fled on foot, police stopped their cruiser and gave chase.

On the dashcam video, a female can be seen approaching the unattended vehicle, then getting inside and driving away.

WZZM-13 reports that 17-year-old Alyssa M. Martinez collided into the minivan then ran several stop signs, at times exceeded 50 mph, before stopping the SUV near 11th Street and Powers Avenue NW.

Martinez has been charged with unlawful driving away of an automobile and malicious destruction of property for vandalizing a different car outside a home on Leonard Street west of Valley Avenue NW.

GRPD shared the video to Facebook, saying,

The Grand Rapids Police Department is grateful that no one was hurt in this dynamic situation. Thankfully situations like this are rather rare and further serve to demonstrate the fast paced nature of police work.

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