On Friday, the Grand Rapids Public School District announced their plan for in-person learning for the remainder of the 20-21 school year. The district decided that they would continue with their current schedule of 2 days of in-person classes and the rest virtual for all high school students grades 9-12.

The decision was made after guidance from the health department determined that their were too many students at GRPS High Schools to properly socially distance if all the students returned to in-person learning. The CDC approved a 3 foot social distance policy for grades 8 and below, which allows for more students in the classrooms, but they did not extend the policy to grades 9-12. Grades K-8 are expected to return to 4 days of in-person learning starting today and lasting through the end of the year.

"While we know this decision may be frustrating for some, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have clearly and consistently shared that our decisions would be based on the science, data, and guidance from the Kent County Health Department." Grand Rapids Public Schools said in a statement posted on their website.

GRPS High School will remain with their current schedule of in-person learning (Cohort A Monday/Tuesday and Cohort B Thursday/Friday) through the end of the school year.

You can read Grand Rapids Public School's full statements regarding their grades 9-12 schedule of hybrid learning on their website.

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