The answer? NONE! I KNOW! I was shocked too1 For every great Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Holland or Saugatuck we have, there's also Flint and Detroit. But the new list from says Ashland/Huntington West Virginia/Kentucky is the most miserable place in America! Yay West Virginia!

The article explains "The Huntington metro area was the worst rated in the nation by a number of measures. Respondents were the most likely Americans to report physical health problems, with exceptionally high rates of diabetes, cancer diagnoses, and chronic pain. More than 34.4% reported high cholesterol, and 46.9% reported high blood pressure last year, both the most of any metro area and perhaps leading to the high rate of heart attacks reported. Nearly one in 10 people surveyed stated they had previously suffered a heart attack, more than in any other area. Nearly 40% reported they were obese last year, the highest rate in the nation. Similarly, no metro area scored worse for emotional health than Huntington, where residents were more likely to say they felt worried or depressed than anywhere else in America"

And the picture that's right next to the story? It's this:

WV Funnyman/Wikipedia

That a fire being put out in Downtown Huntington. That really sells the area for sure!

The closest city to West Michigan is Evansville, Indiana. OK I'll buy that.

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