Surveys are fun. When done correctly, they can give an accurate description of life in our times in this crazy world. They also can be ridiculous. Some surveys and polls will tell you exactly what you think. This survey, done in New Zeeland, is one such survey.

This story about "Sex makes people happiest" pretty much spells it out.

"Researchers used text messaging to build up a map of what activities people routinely rated as bringing the most and least happiness to their daily lives and found that sex ranked first in all three categories measured in the survey: Pleasure, meaning and engagement."

Yep, big surprise. Yes, this survey was done in New Zeeland, but do you really believe it would be much different if it were conmducted in, say, Zeeland? (Well, maybe Zeeland isn't the best example;) ) But you understand.. Of course you do.

Here's the entire list of most and least pleasurable activities.

1: Sex

2: Drinking alcohol

3: Volunteering

4: Meditating/religion

5: Caring for children

6: Listening to music

7: Socialising

8: Hobbies

9: Shopping

10: Gaming

Worst-ranked activities are

1: Recovering from sickness

2: Facebook

3: Housework

4: Studying

5: Texting

6: Going to lecture

7: Paid work

8: Commuting

9: Computer work

10: Washing


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