I will give you a hint, She is a sex symbol from the 1970's who now, at 66, is doing it 2 times a day. At 66. Really. How many of us can say that? Well maybe Dave...;)

It's Suzanne Sommers. Chrissy from Three's Company. And from the Thigh and Butt Master. She told The Talk "Suzanne Somers is having sex — and a lot of it"

""He's on hormones, I'm on hormones ... ," Somers said by way of explanation.
When the roar of "The Talk" panel subsided, details were demanded. When? Back to back? Spread through the day?

With her guy, she explained, "There's some level at 4 in the morning and then I'm really awake around 8 or so. We have busy mornings."

It's not as if the info came out of nowhere — Somers, who's promoting her new book "I'm Too Young for This," told Katie Couric last month that she's having the best sex of her life.

"A healthy person is a sexual person," Somers told Couric. "You know, it's all biology. Well first of all ... I desire him, to begin with." Second of all, she said, he showed up in every past life she touched on during a past-lives experience in Santa Fe. The couple have been together for 45 years -- and, it appears, perhaps much longer than that, if you believe in reincarnation."

Ok...what? Oh.....ummmmm.

Come on...admit it. You were all fine with the happy couple getting it on twice a day til she started talking about reincarnation.

Still....squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

tv land
tv land

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