The Gun Lake Tribe has announced that they will be funding the majority of a highway interchange upgrade near the Gun Lake Casino.

The improvement will focus on the US-131 and M-179 interchange near the casino and will cost an estimated $26M.  The Gun Lake Tribe will be funding $22M of the total and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will only have to foot an estimated $4M of the bill.

It's rare when private businesses fun infrastructure improvements so when the Gun Lake Tribe announced their support, MDOT was very happy to hear it.

According to an article by FOX 17, "The interchange redesign will see the bridge made wider, and bigger in general. It will be made into a SPUI—a single point urban exchange."

Construction for the project began on Monday, March 1st and is expected to be completed in November of 2022.  For the most part, traffic near the interchange will only be partially disrupted with the occasional night and/or weekend closures.

The Gun Lake Tribe hopes that the new interchange will be safer and allow for greater flow of traffic through the interchange.

You can check out a rendering of what the new interchange will look like on Tribal Business News.

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