Now this takes some skill. The balloons are 6 stinking feet apart from each other! Crazy.

Taken from: Stan Lee's Superhumans

This guy "cocks" his gun twice for two shots in less than a tenth of a second.

Cocking a gun means you have to pull back the hammer that hits the bullet manually, with some other guns this happens automatically.

This kind of skill is rather insane! Best not mess with this guy if you're a balloon.

Seriously, I only hear one shot. This production team needs to get with the people that have those super slow mo cameras so we can see more than one frame later. Though I imagine it looks something like this.

Shoots one balloon, guy turns his body, takes out a cigarette, lights it with the gun flare, takes a drag, then aims at the other balloon, cocks, and shoots.

Then we'd all be super impressed yet disappointed that he smokes. So unhealthy for you. *tisk tisk*