Better than playing another round of Angry Birds.

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Hero Plays Drums While Stuck In Standstill Traffic

BLUE TUBER via YouTube

You have to wonder how long they were stuck in traffic for him to take the drum kit out and set it all up. That's crazy.

I say that, then I remember being a kid and going with my dad to the place we hunted. Some big rig slid off the side of the road, so they brought in a tow truck and shut down the road to pull it out. Well, that tow truck slide down the embankment as well. Then another tow truck came and pulled the other tow truck and big rig free. It was a mess, standing on the side of the road for a long, long time.

Of course that was a time before cell phones, so my dad talked to some truckers, and I sat on the back end of the truck watching some fellow swinging his golf club to kill time.