The school bell rings as waking students trudge into class. Seats are taken only to stand back up, as everyone crosses the right hand over their heart to recite the pledge of allegiance. For years it has been a tradition in public schools as a way to unite students and remind them of their freedoms, but some don't exactly feel that way.

Members of GVSU's student senate are some of those people. Fox17 reported a vote was placed last Thursday to have the pledge removed from their meeting agenda as "[It] doesn’t represent everyone and puts people in an uncomfortable situation when they don't want to stand."

Last Thursday the vote was 22 to 10, meaning from here on out the pledge will no longer be read at meetings as well as the Michigan State Motto. Of those that voted to keep the pledge, many were not afraid to voice their opinions.

 "It’s a sad point in our country where we are having debates on things that we should be talking about that unites us instead of divides us," -Dorian Thompson, Student Senator

Several students wished to remain neutral and move on to focus on more pertinent issues facing the university.


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