Another person attached to Larry Nassar the former Michigan State sports doctor, and served warrants for his home and former gym.

According to WOOD, warrants were served Tuesday for the home and former gym of gymnastic coach John Geddert in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

Michigan State Police removed several boxes from Twistars Gymnastic Club in Dimondale.

The Grand Ledge Police served and executed the search warrant for Geddert's home Tuesday morning.

Christy Lemke-Akeo who's daughter trained at Twistars Gymanastics USA club for years said, "you know these girls ya know we're so afraid to speak out against him and finally that they did and you know we just want justice to be served against him as well, and it just doesn't seem like it's going in that direction at the time, but hopefully now this will be the change up for that."

During the Nassar sentencing, Geddert's name kept coming up with women accusing him of physical and emotional abuse. This claims let the Michigan State Police and Eaton County Sheriff's Department to investigate Geddert.

Geddert and Larry Nassar were friends. Nassar plead guilty to sexually assaulting women and girls at Michigan State University. He's now spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Geddart and Nassar worked closely with the USA team that took the gold medal.

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