The Michigan Senate today passed a bill that would allow motorcycle riders to not wear helmets while on their bikes. But it will be expensive if a rider chooses not to wear one.

According to Peter Luke and, riders would have to have "to purchase $100,000 in medical payment coverage, which at today's prices would appear to cost a minimum of $1,000. Right now, medical coverage is optional for motorcycles. Though under Michigan’s no-fault law, a cyclist that collides with a car or truck, an estimated 60 percent to 70 percent of accidents, is entitled to full, lifetime medical coverage provided by the insurance coverage on the car.

The full story is here: "Michigan Senate repeals helmet law, but makes the choice of not wearing one expensive"

This isn't going to be a quick bill through the House. Procedure holds that the House can't take up the Senate bill until next week at the earliest. Lawmakers are scheduled to break for the summer on Thursday.

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