To be truthful, I can't even remember a time when US 131 didn't have a one lane squeeze both ways, but come Saturday morning, the traffic will be free flowin'.

According to the MDOT web site, traffic in both directions will be back to normal by Saturday, November 6 at 10am. The downside? They'll close another lane in both directions from 8 pm tonight until 10 am Saturday to get things ready.

Some of the shoulder work and exit ramps may not be up and running until Monday morning at 6 am.

But this is a moment worth celebrating!

You would think a local bar would come up with a drink called the Lane Closure by now, and we could just get hammered on those until Saturday.

I also think a bagpipe band marching northbound through the S-curve, complete with full regalia, would be a nice touch. That way we could bless the Lord with a heartfelt rendition of "Amazing Grace" with new lyrics:

Amazing Grace

How sweet the feel

Of driving without delays

I once was caught

In a zipper merge


And no one would let me in

Always remember, you are not not stuck IN traffic, you ARE traffic. Become one with who you are. Take a deep breath, and drive faster than you ever have past the sign for the Tin Can.

So go forth and drive in peace in your ratty, winter beater. And remember what joy there is in a world without construction barriers.

Traffic without end, Amen.

Just for fun, let's go over the zipper merge rules one more time:


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