You may not have heard of Halo Burger unless you have spent some time in Flint, Michigan, but I sure wish they would open a location here in Grand Rapids.

I first discovered Halo Burger when I was in junior high school. I had a civics teacher  by the name of Mr. Spencer, that would take students on field trips where we would go to Flint to watch a court case, then go to the pool at the U of M Flint campus, then follow it up with a stop at Halo Burger. What a cool field trip and teacher. By the way, this was the same teacher that did a field trip to see AC/DC on the Back in Black Tour. Guess who my favorite teacher was growing up?

At the time of those field trips, there was only one Halo Burger and it was right indowntown Flint. They have since expanded to several locations but some didn't make it but there are still six in the Flint area. At one time there was one in Lansing which would have been the closest one but it has since closed.

I have not been to a Halo Burger in at least 25 years but every time I get into a best burger conversation with someone, Halo is almost my first pick.

I loved Halo Burgers and their fries are better than all of the other burger chains and boutique burger establishments by far.

I just saw on MLive, Halo Burger is celebrating its 97th anniversary and National Cheeseburger Day with $1.97 quarter pound burgers Friday, September 18 and September 30. If my mom wasn't coming to visit this weekend, I think I would be making a road trip to Flint. You know, I might have my mom stop on the way and bring me one.

Unless they have changed how they make their burgers and fries since I last had them, if you ever get near Flint put Halo Burger on your list of things to do. They really make the best burger around.

Here are a list of Halo Burger locations in case you want to make a road trip:

  • Birch Run - 9130 Birch Run Rd.
  • Burton - 1166 N. Belsay Rd.
  • Fenton - 1355 N. Leroy St.
  • Flint - 3388 S. Linden Rd.
  • Flint - 4451 W. Pierson Rd.
  • Grand Blanc - 2248 Hill Road

I am surprised that after 97 years their chain has not really gotten bigger than the Flint area. Everyone loves a great burger and Halo Burgers are top notch.

So I'm reaching out to the powers that be...PLEASE BRING A HALO BURGER TO GRAND RAPIDS!

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