For a city that doesn't look a day over 140, Grand Rapids is celebrating it's 169th birthday by knocking back some free Hudsonville Ice Cream. Here's how to score some.

On May 2, 1850, the 1600 or so village of Grand Rapids residents voted to accept the proposed city charter and officially became THE CITY OF GRAND RAPIDS!!!!

It was a small city and the northern border only went as far as Leonard Street, but we were on our way to becoming a furniture making, beer swilling, hockey loving community of over 180,000 swell folks who don't know how to zipper merge!

To celebrate the occasion, Hudsonville Ice Cream is bringing a truckload of their fine treat to Rosa Parks Circle to hand out for free at 4:00pm Thursday. The Birthday Bash will last until 7:00pm, or until the ice cream is gone.




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