Yep, January 26th, 1837 Michigan became a state! Whoo Hoo! Hey Michigan, you don't look a day over 157! ;) What's great about Michigan? Well we live here. We know. The people, the natural resources, the spirit. Now people all over the land can find out and see more about Michigan.

The Cable channel the Smithsonian Channel

(Yes the museum people) have a show called "Aerial America" where they fly over an entire state, showing the highlights of the land and give history lessons about the area being flown over. And the latest episode that debuted over the weekend was Michigan!

Now it is kind of Detroit heavy, and there was no shots of Grand Rapids or Traverse City (but they DID fly over Flint...FLINT?) but it's still pretty cool to see places in the state you recognize. And what a great way to celebrate our birthday!

Here's a preview of the show!