Well look here! Anyone from Michigan knows northern Michigan and fudge. This one is special for me, because from the age of 14-17, I worked at Murdicks Fudge in Petoskey!

There are many different companies selling fudge but it all started with Murdick's Candy Kitchen in 1887 in Mackinac and free fudge today in Mackinac and St. Ignace.

The shop went through some tough times— it had to halt production due to sugar rations during World War I, and then struggled through the Great Depression like many people.

Murdick’s offers 18 flavors of fudge, from butter pecan to Traverse City Black Cherry.

And so you know, and I know this from working there, each batch of fudge has 18 LBS of sugar.  Eat up! Vanilla is still my favorite!



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