And while I love MY own mom, My "favorite" mom is...
Stifflers' Mom from American Pie. Face it, she is THE mom of all moms. The Mother of all mom's. For many reasons.

For starters, she's is right here in Grand Rapids. The American Pie movies' are famously based on the writers' experience of growing up in East Grand Rapids. Which means if Stifflers' mom is based on a real mom from the movies, well she has to be right here. Check.

Second Stiffler was a fine upstanding youth in the community. Always helping his fellow students to have fun and throw a couple of parties. Stiffler also is a great friend to young girls. Trying to help them all make new friends and become more confident in their abilities.

And let's not forget Stifflers mom drives a cool car and she has great fashion sense as well.

And finally. Stifflers mom is stacked. How much more do you need to know. ;)


Of course I'm kidding mom. Oh wait, Mom doesnt have the internet. :)

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