So today is National Cheeseburger Day. How they come up with these days is beyond me, but during my own personal "Food Week" who cares?

When I heard it WAS, indeed, National Cheeseburger Day, I decided to partake, and celebrate. So I ordered my go-to cheeseburger from TGIFriday's down in our lobby. (WFGR and all of Townsquare Media is in the Huntington Bank building--where TGIFriday's is located) It's the New York Cheddar Burger. Wityh bacon and cheese and yum.


So when I got my burger, I mentioned to Kat, the bartender, that it was National Cheeseburger Day, and she replied "I heard that!" So Now I really knew it was real. Even if it isn't, who cares? That cheeseburger was pretty amazing.


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