Call the family because you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, and no one has to know you paid next to nothing for that delicious turkey.

Now through November 30th, you can get a frozen turkey at Meijer for only 33¢/pound... regardless of size! Through a quick Google search, I found that Thanksgiving turkeys are typically 15-20 pounds so that means you'll be paying somewhere between $4.95 to $6.60 for a big bird!! Mind. Blown.

“Our pre-Thanksgiving tradition at Meijer is to offer our customers an incredibly low price on the centerpiece of their holiday meal, and this year is no different,” said Don Sanderson, Group Vice President of Fresh for Meijer.

The frozen turkey applies only to Meijer-brand and is limited to one per customer.

If you rather avoid the stress of cooking, Meijer is also selling an entire premade Thanksgiving dinner for $49.99 with all the fixins'

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