In the new 'Everybody Wants Some' ad from Hardees/Carl's Jr., the familiar sounds of Poison's 'Nothin' But A Good Time' play in the background while the voice-over announces, "Everybody wants the biggest chicken breasts in fast food."

The 'Big Chicken Filet' sandwich, which is "dusted in Southern spices," is presented as being in demand by everyone -- including roosters.

As for the Poison song, 'Nothin' But A Good Time' went gold, hitting No. 6 on the Billboard charts in the spring of 1988 when it was released as a single from the band's second album, 'Open Up And Say Ahh!' That project would prove to be the biggest of the band's career, selling more than 5 million copies.

In all, Poison had an impressive eight Top 20 singles in less than four years.

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