Harmony Brewing Company will release their first wood aged sour beer on Thursday, July 7. The beer will be available in bottles and on draft at both Harmony locations.

Harmony's Red Wattle is a Flanders style red ale. It is the first in a series of four wood aged sour beers that Harmony will release this summer.

Flanders Red ales have a deep red color, rich tannins, and a complex aroma and flavor which lead some to consider it more wine-like than any other beer style.

Harmony’s Red Wattle was aged in multiple types of oak barrels, each of which had a blend of souring agents. Next, brewers let each individual barrel develop its own flavor. Then the brewers chose which barrels to blend together to create Red Wattle.

The first release will be limited to less than 100 bottles. The bottles will be labeled, wax dipped, and serialized.

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