A Hastings pizza place is serving up more than slices.

Fox 17 reports that Northside Pizza is offering residents toilet paper and other essentials that people might not be able to find during the coronavirus pandemic.

Owner Jackie Elliot began her efforts about a week into the Stay At Home order when she began seeing on Facebook that people were having difficulty getting the things they need.

Elliot told Fox 17, “So, when I ordered my food [from Northside Pizza’s vendor]…I’m like, ‘Ok, what can I get? Can I get toilet paper?’ They’re like, ‘No, we’re out,’ and I’m like, ‘Look. We’ve got to find toilet paper.’”

Elliot started with toilet paper and then expanded to alcohol wipes, yeast, and flour. She estimates they've helped about 100 people so far.

She says they hope to be able to help more people,

“We love our customers and they’re why we’re here. When you can’t find what you really need because you haven’t stocked up on it, you need it. I feel like if someone else has it, they should share it or give it or do what you can to help anybody who needs anything.”

Northside Pizza is open daily from 3p-9p, offering supplies to anyone who needs them.

Anyone looking to donate can reach out to Elliot here.

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