Ionia Police have issued an A.P.B. for a missing… bearded dragon!  His name is Lou and he’s somewhere in the area of Jones & Johnson in Ionia.  How will you know it’s Lou?  Well first, how many bearded dragons do you see walking the street?  And 2 he’s brown and around 2 feet long.

I love the Facebook post “If located, please keep Lou entertained and call central dispatch.”  Keep him entertained… I wonder what he likes to do?  Poker? A good movie?  Trip to Walmart?  My initial thought seeing his picture, is he looks like the lizards that spit on Dennis in Jurassic Park (don’t worry, I didn’t remember his name until I Googled it.)

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

But police and the owner have re-assured me and everyone that Lou is harmless and needing to get home.

If you come across Lou, call central dispatch (616)527-0400 so they can get him back to his owner.

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