That's the LAST thing you want to see when doing something on a website--an ERROR message. What's even worse is when that ERROR message happens when you are filing out your taxes! Some tax software is having problems processing some returns.

WZZM TV 13 's Hannah Saunders has a story about how some tax software is having issues with city taxes--Grand Rapids included.

"If you try to file your taxes with any city soon, using tax software online or purchased in a store, you may see messages saying, "DO NOT FILE," or "FORM NOT FINAL," when you try to submit. But don't worry, it doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong. 'We've seen that on a number of returns. Actually, several hundred now,' said Income Tax Administrator for the City of Grand Rapids John Schaut. 'Our counsel to tax payers who are using income tax preparation software to prepare their city returns is that they be patient, and check their software support site for updates.' Turbo Tax fixed the glitch for their users a couple days ago and the other popular programs should be fixed anywhere within the next few days to the next few weeks. The error is happening because there were so many last minute changes to tax provisions and credits, that these software companies are having to scramble to make updates."

Just take a deep breath and chant "April 15" it will all be better soon...