Crumbling infrastructure can be a problem, just ask the residents on Garfield Street NW, where concrete chunks falling off the Ford Freeway have raised a few eyebrows.

The overpass has been a cause of concern in the neighborhood near the John Ball Park Zoo. Residents told WZZM-13's "13 On Your Side" investigation team that the chunks have been falling for some time.

Gordon Clark pointed out the concrete on the ground to 13 News, “All these chunks are coming from the overpass. This is dangerous, and it could be deadly."

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) spokesperson John Richard said the bridge is an example of the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure in the state. "It's been underfunded for years. We can maintain, but we don't have enough to replace old bridges that we need to do,” he told 13 News.

MDOT has put a temporary fix on the bridge, a false platform to catch the chunks and prevent them from falling to the pavement below.


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