When the whole Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien thing happened a couple years back, I was interested. But not because I loved Conan.I thought he was OK, and his show was OK, too.

And considering almost 100 million households in the country COULD watch Conan -- and usually about a million do (not huge numbers, but still), it wasn't a big deal.

In the "Jimmy-Seth-Jimmy" social media darling landscape that is late-night TV these days, Conan usually falls short.

There was a time when Conan and #teamcoco had that locked up. Then, he made his move to relative obscurity on TBS and gets overlooked daily.

But every once in a while Conan has a homerun, like when he had Martin Short on a few nights ago.

Comedy genius Martin Short was on 'Conan' and let's just say his telemarketer story starts out like your basic mindless, go-nowhere talk show chatter before taking a truly amazing turn at the end. As an added bonus you get to hear Martin Short scream 'Suck my ass, you prick!' at maximum volume, which is always a guaranteed good time."

The video is NSFW (not safe for work). Enjoy!