Hot enough for ya? Don't look for any relief just yet, this could be West Michigan's longest heat wave EVER.

The National Weather Service is indicating that we could be in it for the long haul in this latest heat wave, which just began with the first of many 90 degree plus days on Monday.

The hot and dry weather looks to continue through the independence Day weekend and well into next week, which could put us in record setting territory.

According to Erik Kostrewa at our news partner, FOX 17, since weather records have been kept in West Michigan in 1892, there was only one streak of ten plus days of 90 degree plus weather and that was in 1901 when Grand Rapids went 11 days with 90 plus temps.

After this morning, there will be very little rain in the forecast through at least next Tuesday, July 7, which means the fire danger in West Michigan will shoot up, so be careful with those fireworks.

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